Treatment with Platelets Growth Factors


What are they and how they act Growth Factors?

Growth factors are proteins that regulate essential functions for regeneration, remodeling and tissue repair. They characterized by exert its function at very low concentration, stimulating the metabolism of the cells on which they act. Applied intradermally, Growth Factors function as active ingredients natural, stimulating the formation of new blood vessels revitalizing the follicle hair.
All REGENNIA treatments should be prescribed and administered by a doctor. What is the treatment of Capillary Biostimulation growth factors? REGENNIA is a personalized treatment for alopecia based on factors of growth that infiltrated intradermally, improves blood supply leather hair, prolongs the growth phase of hair thus prolonging their natural life. In addition increases the number of hairs in the growth phase, which is obtained from blood from the patient (autologous) and worked in the laboratory under controlled conditions and safe (sterile and endotoxin free).
From a single blood collection , the regenerative agent is obtained enriched platelet FC, your doctor will apply through small micro – punctures in several treatment sessions.


Possible side effects

Because of its autologous nature (of the person), it is a safe treatment and no rejection or allergic reactions. Occasionally, despite using a fine needle, there is a possibility of appearance of small edemas or hematomas that reabsorbed spontaneously in the first week after treatment.


Aim of Treatment

These treatments stimulate the formation of new blood vessels revitalizing the hair follicle. Furthermore, the action of these factors decrease the number of follicles are in the resting phase delaying hair loss and giving more vitality. As a treatment capillary biostimulation results are gradual and natural; They begin to observe progressively from 15 days from the start of treatment.