Radial shock wave against sagging
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A few weeks ago we reported on this blog launched in CENSALUD of therapy radial shock wave against cellulite with AWT Storz. Today I want to talk about this same treatment, but to fight the flab.

Acoustic waves represent a very effective body reshaping therapeutic tool. Its application in the fabric has the effect of stimulating the cells and increased the permeability of the cell membrane, with consequent release of free fatty acids and glycerine cells.

Storz AWT is a noninvasive method which allows a lasting and effective treatment of sagging. Applying waves and stimulates microcirculation disorders decreases.

Studies conducted during treatment acoustic wave confirm a marked improvement of skin elasticity. The parameters relating to the mechanical properties of the skin, skin structure and level of patient satisfaction are very promising regarding the long-term efficacy (less than six months) of treatment. 5/6 sessions are usually a week, and each lasts for 15 to 30 minutes, always depending on the areas to be treated.

STORZ MEDICAL AG is a Swiss company linked to KARL STORZ, whose products shock wave are used worldwide applied to various branches of medicine: urology, andrology, orthopedics, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology and otolaryngology. Thanks to the experience and resources that the prestigious company at the service of scientific research, innovative treatment born “AWT® STORZ” that allows extending its use to disciplines such as medicine and cosmetic dermatology.

This is a method of treatment modern and very effective in the radial shock wave (acoustic wave) in the body area to be treated is applied. Every day more women who undergo this innovative treatment to counter sagging and predisposition to cellulite preventively or to solve problems already visible.

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