Radial shock wave against cellulite


In CENSALUD, as a specialist in aesthetic medicine center, we care continuously always be the last to offer the best services. Today we speak of treatment with radial shock wave and its use to combat cellulite.

Acoustic waves are sound waves characterized by high pressure amplitudes relative to ambient pressure. Sound waves used for medical purposes, known as shock waves are generated by extra body via and introduced into the body in a precise manner without affecting the skin.

The application of acoustic waves stimulates microcirculation and attenuates the visible manifestations of cellulite. STORZ AWT is the first non invasive procedure that allows for lasting, efficient and results that are visible quickly (6 sessions) of sagging connective tissue, especially in the care of cosmetic defects of cellulite treatment.

The application of radial shock wave induces an increase in the temporal permeability of cell membranes and improving the exchange of substances between cells. The permeability of the cell membrane leads to activation of the lipase enzymes responsible for cleavage of fats.

Dr. Knight, director of CENSALUD and associate professor of the Masters in Aesthetic Medicine Universitat de les Illes Balears, explains that “with the introduction of this treatment, with this technology, we are offering our clients, both men and women, solution a problem that has only aesthetic impact, but sometimes also brings psychological problems “. Many women affected by cellulite suffer from cosmetic defects in the legs and seriously affect their quality of life. And, he points out Dr. Knight, “in CENSALUD have always had a holistic view of health, not just from the aesthetic point of view”.

For further information regarding this new treatment for cellulite you can contact us via email (info@censalud.com) and also by telephone by calling 971 465 056. We will be happy to assist you and give you all the information you need.

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