How long does a session ElectroFitness?

Each session should last 20 to 25 minutes, including warm-up and recovery. 20 minutes of training are recommended, and subsequently at least 5 minutes relaxation return to calm and muscular recovery.

How many sessions per week should I make?

It is recommended once or twice a week, depending on the selected program, the level of training and experience of the user in terms of electrical stimulation. Generally, it should be carried out intense and if a second session session, only stretching and low intensity.

After how long it can be seen results?

As have shown scientific tests, it has been noted improvements in muscle tone and fitness, after 3 or 4 sessions of regular use. As for slimming and anti-cellulite programs, the results are visible after about 6-8 weeks.

Why should I wear a special wetsuit tight to my body?

In this suit, called Bio-Jacket, 18 are arranged electrodes that are responsible for transmitting electrical impulses to each specific muscle group.

Why should I wear with a special wet underwear on my body then?

The aim of this underwear is to ensure the hygiene of X-Fit users. Everyone has their personal clothing. As the electrodes are designed to be used directly on the skin and are forcing them through the fabric, we wet the underwear with a vaporizer to increase its conductivity and the current passing directly achieved.

What is the EMS issue in which the ElectroFitness is based?

Electro Muscle Stimulation EMS means. It is the process of emission of electrical impulses through the muscles. There is an unnatural process because it is an essential microscopic feature of our organism: different types of cell generate electrical impulses, of which the most active are nerve, communicating in this way with body tissues such as muscle system .

Does the ElectroFitness is only for athletes and young people?

Absolutely not. The ElectroFitness is a way of exercising the body through healthy and useful for all cardiovascular exercises. No matter the age, physical condition, sex or body type. Always help strengthen the muscle architecture, tone fiber and reduce fat accumulation. In virtually all cases, the ElectroFitness produces a correction of posture, a way of moving harmoniously and erecta and a very good overall mood.

Will I get the ElectroFitness lose weight?

Energy expenditure involving ElectroFitness workouts leads to a progressive loss of fat mass also associated with power control

Is it mandatory to diet during training?

It is not mandatory, but advisable to follow healthy eating guidelines. The ElectroFitness produces metabolic changes, drains the lymphatic system and burn calories. It is recommended to reduce the intake of alcohol, simple sugars and salt, drink plenty of water and above all, to prevent catabolism, increase protein intake.

How effective is ElectroFitness to fight the pain?

Without a doubt. The excitation of nerve fibers by means of a micro-impulse power, has emerged as one of the main techniques to fight the pain. The Analgesic electrotherapy is nowadays widely used, particularly in medical re-education and specialized treatment centers pain, often with spectacular results. The precision of the currents allows perfectly focus the antalgic action based pathologies (back pain, loss of muscle mass, skeletal trauma or joint). Some pathologies and re-educations certain post-operative, special precautions need to use.

Are there any contraindications?

For epileptics, pregnant or nursing, with presence of internal electronic devices (pacemakers, insulin pumps, incontinence devices …), presence of hernias, bone or serious illness or people with prostheses of any kind. The coach should always be informed of the possible risk factors.

What are the security measures to know before training?

The ElectroFitness is indicated for use in people in good health who wish to improve their silhouette, balance the body mass index or solve minor problems contractures, tendinitis, muscle overload, etc. It is not a medical treatment. No positioning in or near the area of ​​skin lesions (wounds, inflammations, burns, irritations, eczema, etc.). Do not remove or move the electrodes during a session ElectroFitness without turning off the device. Do not immerse the electrodes in water.

It is contra-indicated ElectroFitness for women with an intrauterine device?

The X-Fite device uses only currents compensated biphasic rectangular type, therefore, there is no contraindication for carrying an intrauterine device.