» What does the word Botox?

Abbreviation comes from Anglo Botuline Toxine (botulinum toxin), a neurotoxin made by a bacterium, Clostridium botulinium call.

» How the treatment is applied?

With very fine needles and only intramuscular level, producing a relaxation in the muscle where it is injected.

» Does it serve only to treat wrinkles or has some other application?

It is used very effectively for the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis -sudoración excessively. And in other neurological and muscular disorders, such as spasmodic torticollis, spastic paralysis, strabismus, facial paralysis, etc.

» Is Anesthesia needed?

Botox application does not involve the use of anesthesia.

» Should I take any painkillers before or after?

It is not necessary.

» How long is its effect?

It depends on the patient, but the average duration is between 3 and 5 months.

»And the mobility of the muscles in the treated area is lost?

Yes, and in fact it is the purpose of the application of Botox in wrinkle of expression, get the paralysis of that muscle.

» Are tests of allergy are made to people who will be making a Botox treatment?

You can perform this type of testing, but not necessary.

» Can performed at any age ?; Is there any more appropriate than other age?

It can be performed at any age.

» How many sessions are needed bótox?

In principle, with one session it would be sufficient, but must be repeated every 3 to 6 months depending of patient- if you want to maintain the effect.

» A natural face remains?

If the treatment is done properly, and always by a trained professional, it is natural.

» Do you have to apply a plastic surgeon?

In theory, and in practice, Botox applies an aesthetic doctor, surgeon and / or dermatologist, specifically trained in the use and management of botulinum toxin.

» If I do it on the upper lip I can go back to smoke anything else let me?

Botox application on the upper lip should be done with great caution and only on specific occasions.

» Can I sunbathe or UVA rays after a Botox treatment?

Yes, always starting at 24 hours.

» Can I get Botox if pregnant?

No. If you are or think you might be pregnant, you should tell your doctor before any type of treatment.

» Are there different types of Botox?

There are different kinds of bótox; Vistabel, Bocoutoure and Azzalure. It can operate in all those places where there are facial wrinkles of expression, also in the shape or oval face and neck sometimes, whenever it is indicated ..

» If my wrinkles are very marked, I need more than one session?

only one session is needed, plus an additional session to review the results.

» Can I come out more wrinkles and faster if I stop wearing it?

They never go more wrinkles to stop get Botox. The aging process will continue at the same point before starting treatment.

» How do I know that I get Botox meets the sanitary requirements and is not adulterated?

Botox can not be tampered with, since for its use is necessary to pass a health check, a deposit of medicines and pharmaceutical control.