Prevent skin spots – Chemical peels


We are doors early summer, and certainly already in a time when the sun is very present, especially around the Mediterranean. CENSALUD is one of the pioneers in aesthetic medicine centers in Mallorca, it began its activity over 25 years ago and since then maintains a commitment to quality, led by Dr. María Isabel Caballero.

Summer is usually the appearance of dark spots on the skin. And this is something that happens in young people by hormonal factors and the elderly skin aging problems. Remember that the skin has memory, and cell damage accumulates. So if preventive measures are not taken, before or after photoaging takes its toll.

Before the summer is a very good time to carry out preventive work. In CENSALUD repairers do antioxidants and chemical peels DNA. We took them out with products renowned laboratories such as Sesderma, which has a range of high quality products.

Are necessary to prevent make 4 -each one session lasts 30 minutes-with a margin of two weeks between each. This antioxidant treatment skin look younger, bright and healthy. higher brightness is achieved, the stains are rinsed, also it reduces the depth of wrinkles and the pore size is reduced.

The treatment is quick and easy and completely painless. The following days the skin will be smooth and shiny with a slight tan. It is also normal the days the dry, tight, having eliminated the most superficial layer of the skin skin note. This feeling can be alleviated with proper hydration.

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