Physiotherapy equipment in Censalud


In CENSALUD we are one of the reference centers in aesthetic medicine in Palma de Mallorca. Our concept of health is integral, so we have a large multidisciplinary team and we care a lot of training. We always offer our customers a personalized and quality care. Therefore, today I want to talk about our physiotherapy team, formed by Diana Palomo and Fatima Street.

Manual therapy consists of a set of specific techniques performed in areas close to the joints in order to treat various diseases, especially those derived from muscle and joint pain. Both therapists have extensive experience and expertise in techniques such as dry needling and neuromuscular bandage or kinesiotaping, consolidated the latter as one of the best to combat muscle pain from the use of cutting – edge bands. We also perform therapeutic massage and lymphatic drainage. -in the image- Diana is also a specialist in pelvic floor dysfunction and Fatima in manipulative physiotherapy.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 19.30

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