Today in our blog we share the interview he did the newspaper of Ibiza and Formentera Dr. María Isabel Caballero to discuss technical lipolaser, in which we specialize. I recommend reading to know all the details about this technique, we used to remove localized fat, reduce the volume and improve sagging.

Dr. Maria Isabel Caballero, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine is one of the pioneers in this field Balears. Thanks to its collaboration with the Dental Clinic Esther de Bustamante also offers its services in Ibiza, as far as it moves periodically. One of the most novel techniques with working is lipolaser, applying for removing localized fat. Knight, professor of Aesthetic Medicine Master of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB), explains in this interview how to apply this technique, targeted for both men and women.

‘What is this technique?
-The lipolaser is a technique applied to eliminate localized fat, reduce volume and improve sagging. It is equivalent to what would be liposuction, but without the trauma caused by this. It is indicated for those patients who have a stable body weight have both a zone prevails over the other, either the abdomen, holsters, knees … It is in this area that would pass the laser fiber to remove grease and therefore the volume, and at the same time, thanks to the laser action, would achieve an important restatement tissue, correcting sagging.

How many sessions are needed?
With a single session, the outcome is final. We remove the fat that is not acquired again, since the laser action definitively destroyed.

What’s new in the art lipolaser ?
It’s a combination of two different energy laser, producing first a solution of the fat and, secondly, a significant retraction of the skin. This is primarily what makes the difference with other types of lasers.

What are the differences between the lipolaser and liposuction?
-The main difference is that the lipolaser is much less aggressive. Fat is not broken manually, but the laser is inserted through a tiny hole without causing any injury. The laser melts the fat and, most importantly, is that he can pull the skin so that you can remove the fat we consider necessary without fear that we become flaccid. Another difference is that we can reach inaccessible areas that traditional liposuction is not possible, as inner thigh, arms, chin or pubis.

What is the recovery period following the use of this technique?
-The incorporation to normal life is almost immediate. It should wear a girdle for a few days and do sports during that time. The results are quickly appreciate, from a month are clearly visible, and continue to improve later.