Therapeutic massage

Massage therapy is a combination of manual maneuvers technical movements or harmonious and methodically with hygienic preventive or therapeutic purposes, which when applied to the hands can assess the state of the tissues to be treated. a therapeutic massage is performed in order to treat diseases, medical injuries, kinesiology, sport and aesthetics.

Sport massage

The purpose of this is to heat massage, stimulate or relax the muscles.


Massages areas: Legs, Back, craniofacial and Complete

The purpose of these massage aims relaxation of body structures through kneading techniques and muscle stretching.


Shiatsu craniofacial

The origin of this discipline is rooted in Japan and literally translates as “finger pressure”. They are massages that benefit physically and mentally. According to the belief, if the energy can not flow smoothly, it concentrated in a number of points, causing a general malaise. Therefore, the shiatsu, it intended to open the energy channels and allow energy to flow evenly.


4-hand massage

It is a massage performed by two professional simultaneously. This treatment is relaxing, causing stress effects, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, etc. frictions, stretching, friction and surface pressures are used, in which the mutual professionals, synchronicity and the complicity of these is a requirement.


Zen massage

It is a Japanese therapy, although their conceptual and philosophical foundations are deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. It promotes physical and energy balance; acts on the energy or “Ki” which form each cell, through pressure, manipulations and stretching over the patient’s body that relieve accumulated tension and lead people to a state of deep relaxation.