What is physiotherapy?

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It is a discipline of Health that offers a non – drug alternative therapy to alleviate symptoms of many ailments, both acute and chronic, through therapeutic exercise, heat, cold, light, water, massage …

What is a physiotherapist?

It is a professional who can help you promote, prevent, heal and recover their health by applying the methods and techniques of physiotherapy. A university degree as Diploma in Physiotherapy get a thorough understanding of how the body, its movements and functions work, and learn to promote good health of their patients by stimulating their independence.
To develop their nursing care the Physio used: kinesitherapy (therapy by moving the body), joint manipulation (osteopathy, chiropractic), massage (treatment by massage), electrotherapy (treatment based on the effects of electricity), ultrasonic therapy (treatment ultrasound), light radiation (infrared, ultraviolet and laser), thermal and cryotherapy (application of heat and cold), hydrotherapy (baths, jets, pools, spas), etc.