I talked today about an antioxidant serum that slows and prevents the progression of the signs of aging, Matrix Antioxidant Serum Neostrata.

It is the only antioxidant serum based polyphenols and polyhydroxy. Matrix Antioxidant Serum can be used throughout the year, becoming a must in summer. It is ideal for skin of those who are undergoing treatments with light and anti – aging treatment is best to go to the beach. You can apply before the photoresist, so that it acts while enjoying the sun and sea. In addition, its texture is perfect for all skin types, both women and men.

And if you are looking for a full treatment, use with Matrix Matrix Antioxidant Serum Support, a firming cream with SPF 30 filters to protect skin from photoaging during the day and Cellular Restoration overnight.

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