In Censalud also we take care of the dental health of the smallest of Mallorca, with our service Odontopediatría led by Dr. Leonor Ramia, who recently conducted a training module in Barcelona. Continuing education is one of the aspects that most concerns us in CENSALUD, as it always allows us to provide the highest quality treatment to our patients. We remind you that following the protocols and indications of significant odontopediátricas associations, the first visit or review in the office of dentist should be done when you leave the first time or “milk” or at the first anniversary tooth.

Tooth decay is the most common infectious disease of childhood. One in five children between two and four years old has a cavity that has not been treated. Those known as “milk” temporary teeth are very important as they allow the proper development of children and their dentofacial structures. Children have 20 milk teeth start coming out about 6 months old and still going until 2 years old. Baby teeth are essential for good nutrition, language development, self-esteem and are placeholders for permanent teeth. Cavities in baby teeth are not just a disease to be treated, but for many children cavities can be severe and can affect chewing and activities like eating, sleeping, talking.