Why Invisalign treatment?

Every day we find cases of adults who do not feel satisfied with their smile and want to do something about it. Many of them have already heard of the invisible Invisalign treatment, which I would like to share with you some ideas.

It is an orthodontic treatment very discreet and very effective that helps people with dental alignment problems getting a beautiful smile.
Invisalign is transparent covers removable made of a special plastic which adapt perfectly to your teeth. Every two weeks the covers are changed and slowly “pushing” the teeth to the desired position.
Because we are re-movable, they can be removed to eat comfortably, allowing you to still enjoy your favorite foods regularly.
Besides being a very effective treatment for poor dental alignment, you can also solve other different pathologies such as diastema, over bites, …
So if you’re not comfortable with the position of your teeth and want to do something about it, you know a new technique that will help you regain perfect smile.