The director of the Department of Dentistry CENSALUD, Dr. Leonor Ramia, has been in the schools of Sant Joan and Inca to teach children from first Children (3 and 4 years old) and first grade (5 and 6 years old) how to care for your teeth and give them a series of dental health tips.

This activity is part of the Suma’t program that performs the Consell de Mallorca with the Official College of Dentists of the Balearic Islands, with the aim of promoting sports and healthy habits in schools through educational workshops. It is very important to do so in these early ages. Therefore, the team participates in these activities CENSALUD prevention and promotion of public health, particularly dental health.

For we are wondering when to start cleaning the teeth of your children, the answer is that you can clean them using a gauze when the first erupt. Then, when they leave the moral, you can start using an always appropriate to their age toothbrush.

Brushing requires some skill. So the early years must help your child to clean his teeth to ensure dental health. Towards 5-6 years and will have acquired sufficient skill to perform brushing only, but we recommend you follow supervisándole, and helping if necessary, especially in the night brushing.

The teeth should be cleaned after every meal and before bedtime. From three years of age you can begin using toothpaste in small amount (the size of a pea is a good reference). There are children’s toothpastes for children under 6 years and older. Must use the appropriate to their age.