The essential treatment to treat localized fat

What does it consist of?
Deep Slim is a treatment based on the High Intensity Ultrasound Targeting (HIFU) . This technology naturally eliminates localized fat by sending all the thermal energy to the target tissue (in this case the fat) without affecting the surrounding tissue. In this way the fat cell is destroyed and its content is eliminated (triglycerides and cell debris).
What are its advantages?
Deep Slim is the definitive solution to treat:
  • Localized soft fat
  • Fibrosed fat
  • Tissue compaction
– The results, in addition to being visible after the first session, are obvious and long-lasting.
It has no side effects.
– It is a non-invasive and painless technique. In addition, it does not produce inflammation or require recovery time.
– Its application is simply by a thin layer of ultrasound gel in the treatment area.

For whom is this treatment indicated?
This is a perfect treatment for people who have an adequate weight, but have fat located in the abdomen, cartridge belts … that can not be eliminated despite following diets and sports.
The treatment is also aimed at overweight people , which can also be accompanied with a diet that helps them eliminate excess fat.

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