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It is the administration of active ingredients at different levels intradermal (injections). Various effects can be achieved according to the injectate improving flaccidity, reduce volume, reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of striae.



The radio frequency energy is used to heat the dermis, which is the inner layer of the skin. This energy emitted in a controlled manner helps reorganize the cellular environment and stimulate the skin cells to produce new collagen, which gives elasticity, improve texture and luminosity to the skin.
It is necessary to perform a series of sessions, to check all the benefits of treatment.



The technique Lipolaser remodels Figure permanently eliminating localized fat, improving flaccidity and silhouette in a single session. What is new and important of this technique is the great skin retraction.
Areas could be treated are: abdomen, holsters, arms, back, chin, knee and pubis.
Frequently asked questions


Tensor threads

» The yarns are made of polydioxanone, being completamante reabsorbed by the body within 6 to 8 months.
» Completely safe, do not cause allergies or rejections , nor have any side effect.
» Special needles with less thick walls, which make it possible to use thinner needles. This minimizes pain during application and avoids possible marks caused by thicker needles.
» Minimizes the patient ‘s recovery time after treatment, making it possible to rejoin their daily lives immediately.


The application of Art Lift® Mono accelerates the microcirculation in the treated area. This causes the regeneration of cells and an increase in collagen synthesis prolonged for 6-8 months, time it takes the threads be resorbed by the body.

capilar mallorca

Activates circulation , causing increased oxygenation of the area, which provides a greater luminosity to the skin.
It stimulates acupuncture points commonly treated.