Dr. Caballero, interviewed on Channel 4 Radio to discuss the Lipolase
Entrevista en Canal 4 Radio para hablar de la técnica lipolaser


More than 1,000 treatments Lipolase since 2009, with excellent results

Today CENSALUD director, Dr. María Isabel Caballero, visited the studios of Channel 4 Radio to participate in the program “Entre tu i jo” that directs and leads Miguel Ángel Ariza. Besides talking about CENSALUD activity in general as specialized and pioneer of aesthetic medicine center in Mallorca, it has particular treaty and especially the Lipolase technique.

Lipolaser is a technique used to remove localized fat and also to treat cellulite and sagging. In addition CENSALUD what we do with a type of laser most developed, of which there are few units in Spain. We started this treatment in 2009 and since then we have made more than 1,000 treatments. Always with very good results.

This is ideal for those patients who have a normal weight or overweight some exhibit localized fat accumulation technique. Either on the flanks, abdomen, inner thighs, knees … It is in that particular area where we would spend the fiber laser to remove fat and thus the volume. And at the same time, thanks to laser action, we would achieve an important reaffirmation of tissue, correcting sagging.

Many patients ask us about the differences between a traditional liposuction and Lipolase. Well, the main difference is that the lipolaser is much less aggressive. fat is not broken manually. But the laser is introduced by a tiny hole without causing any trauma. The laser melts the fat and, most importantly, he can pull the skin. So that you can remove the fat we consider necessary without fear that we become flaccid. Another difference is that we can reach inaccessible areas that traditional liposuction is not possible. As inner thigh, arms, chin or pubis.

The results are immediately visible, and enhance both the medium-term (one month) and long (six months), when the optimum level is reached. It is a definitive intervention, the fat is removed. And the return to normal life is immediate. You should wear a girdle for a few days and avoid sports during that time, but has no contraindication more.

Dr. María Isabel Caballero has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Valencia, and is an associate professor in the Master of Aesthetic Medicine of the University of the Balearic Islands.



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